Emma & Jeremy | Engagement Shoot | Cley-Next-The-Sea

What can I say about these two? They are two of the loveliest and most in-love couples you will ever meet.

I first met Emma and Jeremy back in March 2017 where we spoke about how they met and the plans for their big day. Straight away we clicked and I knew working with them was going to be some serious fun.  As I was leaving, Jeremy had a quick word to say that he was planning a few surprises for Emma on their wedding day. One being, that he was hoping to fly her Grandad Warren over from the States. This wedding just gets better and better!

How they met

Emma and Jeremy are both passionate about running. And it was through the New Market Joggers that they met. Emma started a beginners course that Jeremy helped out on however their paths didn’t cross properly until the autumn 2015. Jeremy encouraged Emma to enter the Edinburgh marathon after not getting into London 2016. A of couple races were completed in that autumn when a friendship blossomed. And the rest is history.

The Proposal

In true Jeremy style, the proposal was a surprise too. In secret Jeremy arranged for an overnight stay for Emma’s birthday in Sept 2016. A day at the coast had already been planned but Jeremy said to pack a bag in case they felt like staying over. Unusually for Emma (being a big planner) she agreed! Little to Emma’s knowledge the engagement ring was stashed with the spare wheel, everyone was in on the secret including Cley Windmill. They drove up to Blakeney and saw hotels ‘oh there looks nice’ but Jeremy was insistent on carrying on driving. They reached Cley Windmill which they had seen online before and highlighted as a place that would be nice to marry. They thought they’d have a little look round. There was a big ‘no vacancies’ sign but Jeremy insisted on double checking. Emma was mortified thinking they would assume they were stupid only to have their names pointed out in the diary. Emma still had no idea what was going to happen but Jeremy said in the morning they were going to have a discussion with Simon about weddings there. After dinner Emma asked whether Simon would think it a little silly that they were enquiring but not yet engaged but reassurance from Jeremy that it was better to do it whilst we were there put her off any scent. Half an hour later Emma turned round to see Jeremy on his knees asking her to marry him, the wedding was booked the next day!! Little did Emma know that her dad’s permission had been asked and Jeremy had the ring hidden at home for over a month!!

So, onto the wedding planning. Emma and Jeremy are so compatible that they want the same things and have the same ideas. They have gone for a running theme…more on that later in the wedding blog post!

Emma and Jeremy decided to have their engagement shoot at Cley-next-the-sea, featuring some photos of Cley Windmill in the background (their wedding venue!). You’ll probably notice that Emma has a lovely bump! Take a peek…



“Just wanted to say thank you for today, we had a fantastic time and confirmed we have picked the right photographer…..anyone that can put up with us is a winner!!” Emma & Jeremy.

These two were a dream to photograph, you can just see the love they have for each other and how they enjoy each other’s company.

If you are recently engaged and looking for your wedding photographer, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you! Katie x


Hi I'm Katie, I'm 30ish and live in the lovely town of North Walsham with my husband Steven and little boy Daniel. I have a love of police dramas and comedy shows. I also have a passion for afternoon tea, don't mind if I do. And of course I have a great love of photography :)
  1. Warren Woodall Reply

    Katie, it was indeed a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for capturing Emma and Jeremy’s memorable events, engagement/wedding through your beautiful photography work .

    • Katie Hart Reply

      It was so lovely to meet you too Warren. And it was an honour to be part of Emma and Jeremy’s amazing day and be in on the surprises!! 😉

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