I love the differences between photographing the choppy sea a Happisburgh and the calm waters of the Norfolk Broads. With such a flat landscape as Norfolk, the scenery goes on for miles uninterrupted.

The best time for photographing landscape scenes, in my opinion, is at sunrise or sunset, capturing an array of colours. If I can bring myself to get out of bed early enough, sunrise is my preferred time to shoot. It is so peaceful and a great way to wake up in the morning, especially if it’s freezing. It’s also handy if your mum comes along with you to keep you company and brings a flask of tea!

To give the magical, ethereal look to the seascapes, a long exposure and graduated filters are used to slow down the movement of the sea, creating a soft, dreamlike effect. But of course, using a long exposure means you will get camera shake, so it is an absolute must to use a tripod to keep everything else in sharp focus. In post-production the colours are intensified slightly just to give an extra bit of punch.


Some of the images you will see have been altered far more in Photoshop. This is what I like to call ‘Photoart’. For example, ‘Strangers on the Shore’ was actually quite a nice day, it certainly wasn’t raining, but rain as well as a few more rocks and a stormy sky were added in post-production to add drama.

The still life images were shot using a macro lens. Some of the objects will be quite recognizable, but others will seem more abstract.

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A selection of framed, landscape images are on display and available to purchase at The Kingfisher Café, Walcott.

photoart by Katie Hart Photography

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