Planning a Winter Wedding | Top 3 Tips

Perhaps you hate the heat or have an aversion to wasps?!

The wedding planning has started, but you’ve not done this before. Where to start? What time of year would you like to get married? Not everyone wants a summer wedding. Perhaps you hate the heat or have an aversion to wasps?! What about a winter wedding? Perhaps you have already started planning your winter wedding and just need a few pointers?

Here are my TOP 3 Tips for planning a winter wedding

Its all about getting the timing right

Remember that the days are shorter so you will be losing the natural daylight, in some months as early as 16.00pm. Bare this in mind when deciding on your ceremony time.  I would suggest a ceremony time of 12 midday to 13.00pm ish. This will then give you ample time for any outdoor, naturally lit photos you would like. When its getting dark you can always have some photos lit with additional flash outside. A lot of photographers will use what is called ‘off camera flash’ or OCF. This simply means that the flash gun will be taken off the camera and placed on a light stand which can be moved around to create dramatic or more flattering photos than if it was used on camera.

Don’t forget about your guests too. I’m sure many couples would love some naturally lit photos outside but just remember to keep your group photo list short. You don’t want everyone to freeze and have red noses!  If it is chucking it down or you simply don’t want to go outside in the cold, discuss with the venue, wedding coordinator and photographer the best locations inside for your group and bride and groom portraits when planning your winter wedding. Your photographer will more than likely use additional lighting to create these photos so they can produce consistent results.

The Assembly House Winter Wedding

Bride and Groom portraits photographed using Off Camera Flash at The Assembly House, Norwich

Plan for the worst and hope for the best and baby, its cold outside

You have to expect in winter, that it is going to be cold here in the UK. It may even be wet. But if you have that in mind when planning a winter wedding day you’ll be fine. Think about buying some umbrellas for your bridal party, they can be colourful or perhaps pastel shades. Try and get some without logos on as this can spoil the look. Try somewhere like  www.jollybrolly.co.uk.

I have photographed Brides in the past who have worn wellies, saving their beautiful shoes from getting trashed in the wet. Wellies are not only practical, but there are so many designs and styles that you can totally rock the outdoorsy look.  Here is a great post from www.wonderfulwellies.co.uk with their 2019 Top Bridal Wellington Boot Guide

You may be running on Adrenalin on the day and not feel the cold, but there will come a time when you do. Try wrapping up in a bolero, stole or wrap, your bridesmaids will thank you. Have a look at this beautiful ivory marabou feather wedding stole from www.bridalknot.co.uk

Bride wears a faux fur stole at Southwood Hall

Bride wears a faux fur stole at Southwood Hall

Check out your surroundings in the Winter

You may have started planning a winter wedding in the summer but just remember the surroundings outside will look very different in winter. Try and visit your wedding venue in the season or month of your wedding (if planning 1-2 years in advance) so you can visualise what it will look like on your wedding day. There may not be a lot of colour or greenery so perhaps bare that in mind when choosing your wedding colours. Perhaps adding a splash of colour in the bouquets or bridesmaids dresses, this will help to make your photos really pop.

Bright floral bouquets for a winter wedding at Hunters Hall, Swanton Morley

Bright floral bouquets for a winter wedding at Hunters Hall, Swanton Morley

I hope you are enjoying your wedding planning what ever the season. If you are looking for a wedding photographer I would love to hear from you. Please get in touch

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