5 top tips for picking the perfect diamond ring for your Christmas proposal

A Christmas Proposal

You’ve decided you want to get married, just in time for Christmas — congratulations! But before all the wedding planning, you’ve got a very important question to ask a very special someone. In this article, Jack Jahan from Ramsdens Jewellery offers his advice for picking the perfect ring to propose to your partner with this festive season.

Did you know that there are more proposals and engagements between the 24th December and 1st January than at any other time of the year (chillisauce.com)? It’s easy to see why, with all the festive celebrations going on, family members gathered round, and the chilly nights leading to cuddles on the sofa. That’s not to mention how beautiful our county looks in the snow — it’s enough to make anyone want a Norfolk wedding!

But preparing for a proposal can be extremely nerve-wracking, especially if it’s going to be a surprise. So, to help make things easier, I’ve put together this guide for picking the perfect ring. That should give you one less thing to worry about, as well as make sure you have the perfect symbol to seal your Christmas engagement with.

Choose a style

You’ll notice that a lot of wedding rings come with different descriptions, or in different styles. These often include modern, traditional, contemporary, vintage, minimalist, and fancy. If you’re not sure which style to go for, try sneaking a look into your partner’s jewellery box or taking note of what jewellery they wear the most often. If they seem to go for a lot of simple jewellery, you can safely assume they’d prefer a simple ring. If they pile on the accessories and like a lot of sparkle, fancy is your best bet.

Choose a metal

When it comes to picking a precious metal, you can use the same approach and assess what their favourite seems to be. Bear in mind that engagement rings will cost more if they are made of gold, white gold, or rose gold than if they were silver, but they will also last longer too. So, you save more on cleaning and repairs than you would with a silver ring. For an extra valuable and durable ring, platinum is an even more expensive option and is slightly shiner than silver, which gives it a more luxurious look. Don’t forget that you can get gold, silver, and platinum jewellery at a cheaper price if you shop in pre-owned or vintage collections. That way, you can get higher quality metals without going over-budget.

Choose a diamond

To make sure you’re getting the best diamond possible, look at the four Cs — cut, colour, clarity, and carat. The cut of a diamond doesn’t just refer to the shape of it (more on that later), but how sparkly it is. The way it is cut puts facets in your diamond that can affect the way it catches the light, so if you know your fiancé is expecting a diamond with a lot of sparkle, look for brilliant cuts. You can check out our diamond buying guide for more information about carat, colour, and clarity.

Choose a shape

The shape of the diamond doesn’t really affect its quality or price, but it does have a big impact on the overall aesthetic of the ring. Try traditional round stones or modern ovals for a feminine look, but for something sleeker and more polished, you’ll want a square princess or rectangular emerald cut. On the other hand, something unique like a heart shaped diamond will have the right sort of impact If your partner has a quirkier style.

Choose a setting

Then, choose how the diamond fits into the band. A solitaire setting is probably the most iconic, where the diamond is attached to it via prongs. In trilogy settings, there could be three diamonds set in this way on one ring. In more recent years, the bezel setting has become quite popular, where the diamond is fitted into the band and the metal goes around it, so it lies flat. This has quite a modern effect, though, and is best suited to people with a contemporary style.

Extra-fancy partners would undoubtedly prefer a channel or pavé setting, where the main diamond is accompanied by lots of tiny diamonds studding the band. These types of designs mean that they get sparkle from every angle, resulting in a very impressive and valuable ring.

Of course, there are plenty more ways to affix a diamond onto a ring, like the tension setting that looks as though the diamond is suspended between two bands. However, the solitaire, bezel, and channel/pavé styles are probably the most popular and are likely to be a winner for your partner no matter what their personal taste.

The tips in this guide can help you determine which ring to buy to pull off the perfect proposal — and, once you’ve tackled that, all that’s left to do is look forward to your beautiful Norfolk wedding. Good luck!

And if you’re looking for a wedding photographer to capture your special day, please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. You can read all about my wedding photography style and what I can offer here.

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